1. 2.4GHz high-frequency digital signals
(transmission distance: 300cm)
2. No cross talk from other heart rate monitors
during group exercising
3. With LAP functions (30 sets) for professional users for training

4. Memory back-up

5. Programmable Target Zone
6. Target Zone pacer
7. Target Zone beep
8. EL backlight
9. Beep sound
10. Battery capacity indicator
11. LCD brightness adjustable
12. Bike mount available
13. Includes ANT+ digital coded fabric chest belt
14. Compatible with ANT+ Speed/
Cadence/Combo sensors (optional)

15. Waterproof: up to 3ATM (30 meters)
Pulse   Functions  Speed   Functions 
  Current HR   Current Speed
  HR Intensity   Average Speed
  Stopwatch   Maximum Speed
  Average HR   Trip Distance
  Maximum HR   Odometer
  Target Zone (Manual /Auto 6 sets)   Trip Riding Time
  Time In Target Zone   Total Riding Time
  Time Over Target Zone   Speed Pacer
  Calory Per Hour    
  Calory Consumption RPM   Functions
  Total Calory Consumption   Current RPM
  %FAT   Average RPM
  Fat loss   Maximum RPM
  Weight Loss   RPM Limit (Up/Low)
  Total Fat Loss   RPM Limit Pacer
  Total Weight Loss    
  Recovery 1 minute Lap 30 Sets
  Recovery 2 minute      Stopwatch
  User Data Input      Average Speed
  Maximum Heart Rate Input      Maximum Speed
  BPM. Intensity display changeable        Trip Distance
Watch   Functions      Riding Time
  Count Down Timer      Average RPM
  Chronometer      Maximum RPM
  Alarm (5 sets)      Average HR
  Calendar      Maximum HR
  12H/24H Clock      Calory
  Dual Time Zone      Time In Target Zone
  SPLIT      Time Over Target Zone
  Pace Reminder   Lap Data Review      
  EL backlight    
  Battery Capacity Indicator    
  Count Down Timer 0H00M00S-9H59M59S
  Chronometer 0H00M00S.00-99H59M59S.99
  Alarm 0H00M-23H59M
1H00M-12H59M AM PM
  Calendar 2000-2099
  12H/24H Clock 0H00M00S-23H59M59S
  Dual Time Zone 0H00M00S-23H59M59S
  SPLIT 0H00M00S.00-9H59M59S.99
  SPLIT Data 50 sets
  Pace Reminder 1-200 step per minute
  EL backlight Press For Light 4'S
  Battery Capacity Indicator <2.4V
Pulse(ANT+ Chest belt)
  Current HR 30-240 BPM
  HR Intensity 0-100%
  Stopwatch  0H00M00S-99H59M59S
  Average HR  30-240 BPM
  Maximum HR  30-240 BPM
  Target Zone (Bpm/Intensity)  30-240 BPM
  Time In Target Zone  0H00M00S-99H59M59S
  Time Over Target Zone  0H00M00S-99H59M59S
  Calory Per Hour 0-9999 Kcal
  Calory Consumption 0-9999.9Kcal
  Total Calory Consumption  0-999999 Kcal
  Target Zone Pacer Compare With Target Zone
  %FAT 0-50%
  Fat loss  0-9999.9 g
  Weight Loss 0-9999.9 g
  Total Fat Loss  0-999999 g
  Total Weight Loss  0-999999 g
  USER DATA INPUT  Sex , Age : 5-99  , Weight : 10-199 Kg, 30-430 Lb , Height : 10-230 cm, 39-91 in
  Maximum Heart rate input 100-240 BPM
Speed (ANT+ Speed sensor , ANT+ Combo sensor)
  Current Speed 0-199 Km/h
  Average Speed  0-199 Km/h
  Maximum Speed  0-199 Km/h
  Trip Distance  0-999.99 Km
  Odometer 1P 0-999999 Km
  Trip Riding Time  0H00M00S-99H59M59S
  Total Riding Time 0H00M-9999H59M
  Speed Pacer Compare With Average Speed
PRM (ANT+ Cadence sensor , ANT+ Combo sensor)
  Current RPM 0-199 RPM
  Average RPM  0-199 RPM
  Maximum RPM  0-199 RPM
  RPM Limit 1P (Up/Low) 0-199 RPM
  RPM Limit Pacer Compare With RPM Limit
 lap  30 Set
  Stopwatch 0H00M00S-9H59M59S
  Average Speed 0-199 Km/h
  Maximum Speed 0-199 Km/h
  Trip Distance 0-99.9 Km
  Riding Time 0H00M00S-9H59M59S
  Average RPM  0-199 RPM
  Maximum RPM 0-199 RPM
  Average HR 30-240 BPM
  Maximum HR 30-241 BPM
  Calory 0-9999.9 Kcal
  Time In Target Zone 0H00M00S-9H59M59S
  Time Over Target Zone 0H00M00S-9H59M59S
  Lcd brightness Adjust L , M , H
  Unit Selection Km , Mile
  Circumference Input 0-3999 mm
  Water Resistance 3 ATM
No. Name Download
1 Ph7_quick Setting Download
2 Ph7_English manual Download
3 Ph7_German manual Download
4 Ph7_French manual Download
5 Ph7_Italy manual Download
6 Ph7_Dutch manuch Download
7 Ph7_spanish Download
8 PH7_combo sensor installation Download